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Why Selenium Should Always Be Your UI Test Tool

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Choosing a testing tool is daunting. If you have a look on vendor websites, they will promise you all the marketing materials of the world and then a call from their sales personnel. If you read the forums, you will find the solutions to the problems related to their product. Have a look at why you should embrace and enhance the power of Selenium as your ultimate UI testing tool with information on the basis of real experience with real software projects.

Why Selenium?

The WebDriver object drives the real events in the browser like mouse clicks, button clicks, entering text, and events from the keyboard. Imagine each step like a building block. When stacked together, they can evoke a technical team to execute powerful things. Read on for more reasons for using WebDriver.

  1. Building automated checks

The most common reason to use the Selenium is to trigger a particular set of commands to check status: to check if the user is logged in, if the book goes into the shopping car or a transaction process. This involves checking in to ensure that the buttons or labels are present on a page, data is being saved correctly, procedural aspects of the software under test work correctly, or any number of other attributes of your products. In other words, you can use WebDriver to ask questions you would normally be able to answer as a yes or no, and it will output a report with a number of assertions, the ones which are passing and failings, and where the errors happen. Once the checks have been built, you can run them multiple times and use them as a tool to explore the problems, or the unexpected changes between the builds. The questions asked are in binary but the process of writing and running will unveil the vital bugs which are not required.

  1. Taking over long-running tasks

Repetitive and prolonged tasks are costly and can be tough for people to get them accomplished. Humans are prone to lose focus and concentration over time or lose interest in the goal which leads to err. Scripts don’t err, they do the exact same thing every time. Usually, when these tasks are required to be accomplished, the most junior person in the team is assigned to it, accessed to the hardware they would need and the task to accomplish the task. This helps in unloading the task from the senior people, however, many people still occasionally end up doing the same work that the program would be well suited for. If you are looking to create a multitude of different users or GBs of data in a realistic way, Selenium is a way to go.

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